When engaging the services of London escorts there are certain things one should try to keep in mind to ensure it is a safe and satisfying experience for all parties involved. For many it can be a challenge and there is much they may not know if this is something they haven’t done before.

Finding a legitimate London escort

The easiest way to avoid problems in finding a legitimate escort in London is to use a reputable agency like ours. Agencies ensure that you are dealing with a professional and that both of you are safe. Another option is to verify a provider through a review website. Usually providers with multiple reviews who have not changed their locations frequently are safe. Through the reviews you can also get a sense of the quality of their service and how they satisfy their customers. Another option is to get a referral from another escort, in most cases they know another provider and may even have a referral arrangement with them; it can’t hurt to ask politely.

If you find an online profile that you like be sure to read the details and understand what requirements or rules the provider may have before making an appointment.

Playing it safe

When dealing with London escorts, safety should be a priority for both of you. Do not rely on the provider to bring protection with them, make sure that you have appropriate protection for yourself. Also when meeting a provider in an out-call location, be sure to check the room and ensure that you are alone.

Try to avoid bringing any personal belongings such as your phone or wallet, consider bringing only the cash you will need in order to avoid any potential problems. If you have allergies let the provider know so that they do not use any body oils, lipstick or condoms that may trigger an allergic reaction and an emergency situation.

Grooming and hygiene

Good grooming and hygiene is very important in general and it should be something you take care of before seeing an escort just like you would with any other date. Make sure that you have had a shower beforehand and that you make an effort to have fresh breath, clean nails and hair. Some providers may actually refuse your appointment or give you a bad reference otherwise.

Rules of engagement

Make sure to arrive at the time that you arrange with the escort. If you are going to be late or need to reschedule, give as much notice as possible. Have your donation ready in an unmarked envelope and leave it in plain sight.

Remember that escorts are human beings and you are paying for their time and attention. Always try to be respectful and accept any boundaries that they make clear. Avoid asking questions about other clients or topics that may be too personal, try to keep the conversation general. After you’ve gotten to know each other and the donation has been taken care of either of you can indicate that it is time to get ‘more comfortable’.


After the session it is a good idea to email your provider or their agency, and let them know you enjoyed the visit. This is a good way to keep the door open to future sessions and referrals.